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I actually started my career Real Estate in 2007 doing part-time while still having my full-time job in the IT Industry. My last drawn salary in my full time career in at 3.5k.

Been married in 2006, i bought my first HDB with my wife and that when my credit bill really piled up. 12 months installment plan was popular then. So most of my house electrical appliances was actually bought on installment that include TV, Aircon etc. My Car was under car loan too with liability at 1k every month.

Each month, about 50% of my salary goes to paying for car, credit card etc. Though still can get the days pass by each month, i do not have extra pocket money to spend on luxury.

That is when i decided to do a part-time job. I join the property agent who helped me get my HDB flat whom has been a good manager to me. My first year doing part-time in real estate, i clocked in about 37k that year just working on satursday and sunday.

So what happen next? With my 37k, i went Europe tour with my wife and embark on my Full-Time career in Real Estate.

Are you looking for a breakthrough? Is real estate the industry for you? Is there a basic pay? Is all these on your mind? Do contact us for a non obligatory discussion.

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