New Condo Launch

Singapore new condo launch is normally via 3 modes of sales namely
  • First Come First Serve
  • Balloting
  • Balloting to Queue
First Come First Serve as the name imply is for those first submit their cheques to the counter.

In Balloting, there's normally a cut off timing. After the cut off timing, any units that has duplicate interests in that particular units have to go for balloting to see who will get the unit.

Balloting to queue is a mixture of Balloting and First come first serve. In Balloting to Queue, potential buyers will be balloted to enter showflat. Once balloted, they will have permission to enter showflat which will then be on the First Come First Serve basis.

Some of the current New Condo Launch include

 New Launch District 1 to 8

 New Launch District 9 to 11

     New Launch District 12 to 16

     New Launch District 17 to 28