New Launch Industrial at Loyang

Loyang is located at eastern part of Singapore, it is known to be a small housing and industrial area that lies between Changi and Pasir Ris. To a number of people, it is known as “Kampong Loyang”. The residential areas around Loyang are only but a few. The closest one is Pasir Ris, which is just around a road away from it. Condominiums are also present within the estate.

The most populous properties in Loyang are Industrial ones- concentrating more on aviation and aerospace industries. Just like Changi Business Park, the area’s industrial estate is governed by Jurong Town Corporation. Some of the common industrial properties in Loyang are SIA Engine Test Center, Changi International Logistics Center, G.E. Aircraft Engine and Walt Disney TV in Singapore.

Closest expressway is Tampines Expressway and schools close by are The Japanese School, East Spring Primary School and Greenview Secondary School.  

Some of the New Launch Industrial at Loyang include