New Launch Industrial at Changi

New Launch Industrial at ChangiChangi is located at the eastern end of Singapore. It is composed of residential areas (mostly private properties) and low-rise industrial properties. Changi roads are actually narrower than other roads and are known for its palm trees and Angsana. The area is not as crowded as some other estates and is mostly populated by those who work in airline industries.
The main industry within Changi is aerospace- for commercial airlines. The area houses the SIA Engineering Company that is situated at Changi Coast Road and sits close to Changi Water Reclamation Plant.

There are shops, pubs, restaurants, coffee shops, golf club (Changi Gold Club), water sports hub (Changi Village) and museum (Changi Museum) in the area for entertainment. The schools that can be seen within Changi are Singapore Aviation Academy and The Japanese School. 

New Launch Industrial at Changi include